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Ecological alternative for traditional plastics

The Compost Bag Company produces completely bio-degradable bags and foils from renewable materials for individual and professional users that look for an ecological alternative to traditional plastic products.



Plastic waste has become a huge environmental problem. Non-degradable plastic pollutes not only nature, but also all kinds of systems
of organic recycling, such as composting and digestion. The Compost Bag Company wants to push back this problem.

Therefore, it develops, produces and commercializes alternative and 100% bio-degradable products, based on renewable, natural raw materials.

In this way, The Compost Bag Company make a positive contribution to valorising organic waste. We want to offer private and professional users comfort and raise awareness on smartly sorting out different waste streams and on keeping organic waste free of traditional plastics. That way, organic waste can be recycled into high-grade compost, a perfect soil conditioner for agriculture and horticulture. And that without the bottom being polluted with micro plastics.



The Compost Bag Company wants to play a leading role on the European market of renewable, biodegradable and compostable bags
and films. Therefore, the company constantly develops innovative concepts for the purposes of hygiene, ease of use and environmental

The Compost Bag Company strives towards a sustainable approach, maximally respecting man and nature.


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