With a VentiMax® you work away all your organic kitchen waste in a hygienic way. The vented kitchen pail and the breathable CompostBags® lead to noticeable less unpleasant smells and noticeably less insects.

Against all odds, with a hermetically sealed kitchen pail or with traditional plastic bags you will get more unpleasant smells. That ‘s because they keep the organic waste humid. When moisture is evacuated, the waste slightly dries, which  inhibits putrefaction and leads to less unpleasant smells and insects as a result.

Now, that is something the VentiMax® does like no other! The pail is maximally vented: more than 70% of the walls is ‘air’. That gives the ‘breathing’ (water vapour transmitting) compostable bags the chance to lead moisture away from the organic waste. So you can work and live in a clean kitchen.

It goes like this: you throw all your food scraps in the VentiMax®, after a few days it is full and you tie it up and toss it in the garden composter or in the wheelie bin. That way, you keep the bin clean as well. And the VentiMax ® stands nicely on the kitchen counter too, a real asset for your kitchen.

  • Less unpleasant smells

  • Less mold

  • Less insects

  • Compostable CompostBags® can go in the wheelie bin or in the garden composter

Please note! Don’t pour liquids in the ‘breathable’ bags. Let warm food residue (e.g. coffee pods or tea bags) first cool down before you put them in the VentiMax®.

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The Compost Bag Company is widely recognized as a leading player on the European market of biodegradable and compostable bags and films made from renewable materials


The Compost Bag Company celebrates its 35th anniversary and opens its doors to the general public on October 1st.


Jemaco changes name to The Compost Company and exclusively processes compostable plastic mad of renewable materials

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