Small and large compostable bags to line the most common kitchen pails and wheelie bins with. That’s how you keep it hygienic. And as they are made from renewable, natural raw materials and go back to nature via organic recycling after use, you contribute to a better environment.

With our CompostBags® we fully aim on hygiene, ease of use and durability. They keep kitchen pails and wheelie bins clean, leading to noticeably less nuisance of unpleasant smells and insects. When emptying the bins, the bags slide with the waste inside the truck. Just apply a new one and continue. A cinch!

All our CompostBags® are made of renewable, natural materials. And they are fully compostable in industrial composting facilities. As proof, they all carry the OK Compost-logo or the seedling-logo. Some smaller bags are also home compostable (OK Compost HOME). That way, all our bags finally return to nature. The cycle is closed.

  • Always a clean wheelie bin

  • Less unpleasant smells

  • Less mold

  • Less insects

Standard offering

Volume  (approx.)
8 – 10 L 390 x 410 mm – 15 µm
20 L 410 x 540 mm – 16 µm
35 L 600 x 740 mm – 17 µm
50 L 600 x 940 mm – 17 µm
80 L 820 x 1050 mm – 17 µm
120-140 L 870 x 132 mm – 17 µm
240 L 1130 x 1390 mm – 17 µm

Are you a professional?

Then, we have an even bigger range available. Or we can make bags or films custom made for you. Please contact us.


The Compost Bag Company is widely recognized as a leading player on the European market of biodegradable and compostable bags and films made from renewable materials


The Compost Bag Company celebrates its 35th anniversary and opens its doors to the general public on October 1st.


Jemaco changes name to The Compost Company and exclusively processes compostable plastic mad of renewable materials

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