Less bad smells and insects in your kitchen?

Many people struggle with source separating food scraps in a hygienical way. If you use a VentiMax®, you have noticeably less bad smells, mold growth and insects in the kitchen. The compostable CompostBag® bag can be disposed of in the municipal waste bin or in your own garden composter.

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The bags and films of The Compost Bag Company are produced from renewable materials and are certified fully biodegradable. They are an environmentally sound alternative to traditional plastics.
VentiMax® is the ideal solution for hygienically collecting food scraps in your kitchen. CompostBag® is the group of all our compostable bags that can be used in different applications in every home. Finally, with DogsDoo® we have a sustainable alternative to the classic dog poo bags.

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  • DogsDoo™ [100 bags] – dog waste bags

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