Sorting kitchen waste easily?

Easy kitchen waste sorting and composting? The Compost Bag Company is happy to help you get started!

Waste doesn’t have to disappear in a landfill, better yet: sort your kitchen waste and compost it with our compostable CompostBag® waste bags and liners. That way, you give back to the earth and do your bit for a better environment.

Want to learn more about our ecological trash bags? Wilt u meer weten over onze ecologische vuilniszakken?

sort kitchen waste

Our offer to consumers

The Compost Bag Company develops and manufactures its own compostable bags and films from renewable resources in Herent, Belgium. For households, we have three items in our range:
VentiMax® is the dream solution for collecting kitchen waste in your kitchen – clean and hygienic! CompostBag® is the umbrella name of all our compostable bags that find different applications in every home. Lastly, we offer plastic-free poop bags: DogsDoo® is an ecological alternative to classic dog poop bags.

Find out more about our range via the pages below.

Collect kitchen waste with VentiMax kitchen bin

easy kitchen waste sorting

sorting green waste with compostable bags

collecting kitchen and green waste

plastic-free dog poop bags

cleaning up dog waste without plastic

Also sorting waste in your business or other B2B environment?

“Grow green with your business” is our motto but you too can easily apply it for your business. Get rid of plastic bin bags, checkout bags or even hairdresser capes. Choose a green solution of the best, Belgian quality: our compostable products. Made from renewable, plant-based materials, these are all plastic-free.

easy kitchen waste sorting

Waste in your kitchen

The breathable pouch, combined with the ventilated bin, allows the contents to dry out slightly. Enough to stop the decay process. And as a result, there is noticeably less odour nuisance.

sorting and collecting green waste

Compost as raw material

Once the bag is full, you can dispose of it in the organic waste. That way, it decays, along with its contents into compost. Compost enriches the soil with carbon, among other things, which in turn produces healthier plants.

sorting and recycling kitchen waste

Save on waste by sorting

Did you know that organic waste makes up 40% of your residual waste? By sorting it out and possibly composting it, you are not only thinking about the environment, but also your own wallet. Easy pickings, right?

plastic-free bags

Effective sustainability

Not only the bags themselves are better for the environment, we also take maximum account of the ecological footprint during raw material extraction, during production and after beneficial use.


Step 1: order online, step 2: sort waste!

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