Refill Rolls™ [50 bags] – compostable bags for VentiMax®


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The Refill Rolls™ are used in combination with the VentiMax® kitchen bin to separate organic kitchen waste in an easy and hygienic way already in the kitchen. One item ‘Refill Rolls’ consists of 2 rolls of 25 bags (=50 bags).

The Refill Rolls™ compostable bags are:

  • made from renewable, vegetable raw materials (cardamine thistle – MaterBi raw material)
  • locally and sustainably produced in Belgium (Herent)
  • fully compostable (OK COMPOST HOME) and EN13432 European certified
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Ecological alternative

With organic Refill Roll™ bags, it’s easy to do your bit for the environment. Looking for an ecological alternative for everyday items? Then start with our organic Refill Rolls™. The organic bags are completely microplastic free, so you no longer contribute to the plastic problem.

Environmentally friendly and hygienic

Did you know that you can separate your organic kitchen waste right in the kitchen? It saves you a lot of tidying up. Thanks to the Refill Rolls™, which you use in the convenient VentiMax® kitchen bucket, you can sort waste in an uncluttered way. The Refill Roll™ bags are fully home-compostable ((OK COMPOST HOME) – EN13432 European certified) and can be easily disposed of on your compost heap or in the organic waste bin afterwards.


+ strong and sturdy bags
+ strong star base
+ breathable bags that reduce odours in the kitchen
+ easy size that fits perfectly into your VentiMax® kitchen bin (+/- 10L)
+ ecological alternative to plastic bags


– the bags have a limited expiry date as they are compostable: so be sure to use them within a year of the production date (found on the print)


The Compost Bag Company does not recommend purchasing a large number of items at once. The compostable bags retain their positive qualities up to 1 year after the production date, after which they begin to degrade.

Green production

Refill Rolls™ compostable bags are produced ecologically and sustainably in Belgium at their factory in Herent: The Compost Bag Company. The bags are made from renewable, plant-based raw materials that originate in Italy.


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