VentiMax® Welcome Pack™


  • VentiMax® Welcome Pack™ contains a vented kitchen pail in combination with compostable en water vapour transmitting CompostBag® bags.
  • as a result of the “breathing” effect of the bags, moisture can escape from the food scraps and leave them slightly dried
  • this leads to noticeably less unpleasant smells, molds and insect attraction
  • in this way, hygiencally and practically source separating food scraps is a piece of cake
  • including discount voucher for free VentiMax® Refill Roll™ set (worth € 5.50)
  • dimensions : approx. 36 x 12 42 cm – weight : approx. 400g
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Additional information

Weight 680 g
Dimensions 260 × 115 × 270 mm


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